Admissions Process

Admissions Contacts

Director of Admissions - Mrs. Leslie Willis

Director of Assessments and Curriculum - Mrs. Kim McDonald

Fall Semester

Online Applications for the Fall will be open from November 1 through February 20th for all available seating. Applications include a non-refundable $95 application fee per student.

Spring Semester

Second Semester applications may be considered pending availability of seats. A completed application packet including all necessary paperwork must be submitted by October 31 and prior to the applicant's assessment to be considered for 2nd semester admissions. 

Note: Due to lack of available seats, applications for the 2021-2022 school year are closed. Applications for the 2022-2023 school year open on November 1, 2021.


Once an application and the necessary paperwork is received, the Admissions Director will contact you to schedule an entrance assessment and parent interview.

Applications close at midnight February 20th. Deadline to submit required paperwork is March 1st.

Assessment results will be sent 2-4 weeks following the assessment.

Acceptance letters will be sent the first week of April for those applicants that have completed the admissions process.

Enrollment deadline is April 15th for those that receive an acceptance letter. Enrollment fee is $200 which will be applied to tuition.

Any applications received after February 20th must have ALL accompanying and required paperwork submitted by April 15th. Incomplete applications will be closed and subject to second semester admissions consideration. All late enrollees will be required to pay any applicable past tuition plus a per student late fee with enrollment.

RSVP required for the following Open House and Tour date(s)* to

Date Open House and Tour

Thursday, January 20, 2022 9:30am

Friday, January 21, 2022 8:30am

Lower School (PK4-8th)

High School Only

*Due to the large number of inquiries and our desire to keep classroom distractions and to a minimum, we are unable to offer tours outside of our Open House dates.