Pre K-8th Grade

The Saint John Bosco Academy lower school curriculum covers five, core subjects- Mathematics, Language Arts, Religion, History, and Science. The Mathematics and Language Arts classes are given primary emphasis, as all additional learning flows from these two.

Grades PK4-3 focus on building a solid phonics and traditional mathematics foundation. The children are taught their Catholic prayers and traditions, and study Sacred Scripture through stories from the Bible. History and Science are “hands on” classes where students experience nature walks, experiments, and activities that mark the children’s memories for historical events.

From 4th grade thru 8th grade, we offer a spiral approach to math, which allows our students to master math facts and revisit previously taught concepts regularly. The Language Arts curriculum for these grade levels offers solid grammar, beginning Latin and Greek study, fine literature study, and a purposeful, classical method for teaching writing. The SJBA Religion curriculum is loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and employs discussion and defense of the faith. The Catholic faith is woven into our History curriculum, and our Science courses are taught through hands-on activity and from a Creation perspective. Our students leave Middle School with a strong foundation for “thinking”, which prepares them for our Classical SJBA High School.


Performing  Arts…Our lower school students, 1st - 8th grade, can take part in an optional performing arts program offered on Fridays.  The performing arts students put on fabulous performances each year including an Advent/Christmas choral concert and a dramatic performing arts show in the spring.

Fine Art…SJBA lower school students, 1st - 8th grade, have the option to participate in fine art classes each Friday and take part in an annual art show.

Field Trips

Each year SJBA students and families take part in educational and enriching field trips that bring learning to life.  Field trips are organized by teachers, room mothers, and parents and vary according to levels of interest, curriculum study, and grade level.

The study of the great ancient civilization of Egypt takes the third grade class to the Michael C. Carlos Museum to learn more about archeology.  Fifth graders travel to Alabama to visit the US Space and Rocket Center for Space camp, and students go to the Dahlonega Gold Mines to dig for gold while reading By the Great Horn Spoon. In addition, SJBA hosts recreational trips to venues such as Sky Zone, Hillside Orchards, and local area parks.

Spiritual Enrichment

The Catholic Faith is woven into every fiber of life at SJBA.  Each morning the student body prays together as a community of faithful believers, always invoking Mary, the Help of Christians, and St John Bosco, our patron.  Students and staff are offered confession once a month along with Mass celebrations monthly.  Special feast days like the Blessed Mother’s birthday, All Saints Day, and the feast of Don Bosco are festive celebrations at SJBA with special meditations and special activities!

High School

The curriculum in the high school is classical in nature and focuses on developing the whole person by elevating the soul toward God through our Catholic faith and rigorous academic pursuits. To this end, students take a wide variety of courses where all subject areas are intertwined in an effort for students become fully aware of the interconnectedness of faith, reason, history, and logic. Students take a full course load culminating in upper level math, science, history, literature, composition and rhetoric, theology, latin, and performing arts. Both the study of Latin and the Performing Arts are compulsory at the high school level at SJBA as well as a deep study of our Catholic faith. We strive to help the family form their young adults to be articulate, well-rounded persons. Within the classroom, teachers use a combination of lecture and Socratic methodologies to fully prepare students for success in all environments.
At SJBA, our Catholic faith is upheld as Truth and taught throughout all coursework. It is our mission that SJBA high school will train students to fully understand our faith and have the ability to use their knowledge of faith and reason to fulfill their role as the future defenders of our Church. Graduates will be prepared to enter the post-secondary school that is right for them with a comprehensive preparation enabling them to thrive both intellectually and spiritually.